About Spiritual Parent

Spiritual Parent is a progressive community that explores what it means to be a great parent, nurture spirituality in ourselves and our kids, and bring more love into the world.

Most of the articles and interviews on this site are through the lens of progressive Christianity, though we’re also interested in helping parents explore and participate in interfaith dialogue.

Wherever you find yourself in terms of religious convictions—including a lack thereof —we hope you’ll find this community welcoming and inclusive.

About The Editor

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Ryan tahmaseb

Ryan Tahmaseb is a parent of a young boy, a teacher at a K-8 school, and a graduate student at Boston College’s School of Theology and Ministry. His writing has appeared in publications such as The Carolina Quarterly, Education Week, Edutopia, Gravel Magazine, and Spartan Magazine. His first chapbook, Mutual Incomprehension, was published by Anchor & Plume Press in January 2016.


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